Comparison Between Harry Potter And The Deaf World

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At first glance, the story of Harry Potter seems to have no to similarities to the Deaf World. I know when I first saw the article title, I was very confused and was not sure of what to expect. However, when examined more closely, it is very apparent and inspiring how much Harry Potter relates to the Deaf World. Understanding Harry Potter- Parallels to the Deaf World talks about how different lenses can be used to look at literature in order to gain new perspectives as well as an appreciation for literature and human life. It focuses on four main lenses called the “Deaf Studies Template”, in which the author uses to make parallels between Harry Potter and the Deaf World. These lenses are: Only in the Deaf World, Minority Issues, Institutions, and Edenic Narrative. The first lense or category in the “Deaf Studies Template” that is talked about is Only in the Deaf World. This category is about the unique events and experiences associated with life in the Deaf World. Deaf children are mostly born to hearing parents, which is similar how wizard parents have muggle children and muggle parents have wizard children in the world of Harry Potter. DCHP may not know anything about the Deaf World once they grow up due to parental ignorance or other reasons. Harry Potter also experiences this with the Wizard World as his aunt and uncle keep it a secret from him. They were ashamed of him and want to make him “normal”. Hearing parents of deaf children also commonly do this as they give

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