Comparison Between Little Brother And 1984

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Comparisons of Little Brother and 1984 Living in a society where the government is constantly watching and monitoring everything a person does can cause many problems throughout the area. When people living in the area start to realize what the government is doing, they want to take action into their own hands. In the contemporary novel, Little Brother, and in the classic novel, 1984, this in one of the main challenges that the protagonists have to go through and try to figure out how to stop the government. In the contemporary novel Little Brother, Marcus Yallow is a normal teenage boy, he loves being with his friends, playing video games, and especially hates going to school. One day Marcus and his friends, Darryl, Van, and Jolu,…show more content…
He first sees an inner party member, O'Brien, who he believes is in the brotherhood to take down big brother- the party’s leader. Marcus also meets a girl who is not exactly what he thinks, but soon starts to find out that she wants something more than just an ally. She sends Winston a note saying “I love you.” and they soon begin a forbidden affair, always on the lookout for the higher party spying on them. As their affair begins to flourish, Winston's hatred for the party grows more and he feels it is time to overthrow the party. He counts on the help of his brotherhood and friends, but he may have made one big mistake that can cost him everything. Throughout the contemporary and classic novels, there are a few similarities the two books share. In both books, Little Brother and 1984, the protagonists are faced with living in a society where the government has control on most of their life. However, the two books are a little different in how to governement is controlling their lives. In Little Brother, Marcus Yallow, has noticed that the government is spying on the people by tracking their computers, phones, and even their cars. While Marcus is noticing all of this going on many other people in the community have no idea. In 1984, Winston Smith’s town is being watched by telescreens that are placed everywhere and everyone knows about them. Another similarity that both books share is the protagonist's braveness.
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