Comparison Between Medea and the Epic of Giglamesh. How Love Affected the Characters Actions.

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The Greatest Thing in Life “The greatest thing in life is love, and be loved in return” (Eden Ahbez). “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” (Cor 13:7). Love also influences all things. It is a powerful force that drives people to do things they would normally not do. In the news, there are several instances of murder in the name of love or robbing a bank because a person needs money for the person they love. There are also everyday instances of moving cross country for the person you love, leaving the person you love just to see them happy, or choosing another career path just to be with your significant other. In the literary works The Epic of Gilgamesh and Medea. Gilgamesh and Medea prove…show more content…
Endiku’s love for Gilgamesh blinds him, and convinces him to do something that he knows will ultimately kill them. The pair begins to prepare for their journey into the Cedar Forest. They head to Gilgamesh’s mother’s temple, Egalmah, and ask for her blessing. She becomes distraught, but formally adopts Endiku has her son, making official that Endiku and Gilgamesh are brothers. The pair leaves Uruk, making way to the Cedar Forest. Along the way, they lift each other’s spirits. Endiku lifts Gilgamesh’s courage whenever he begins to doubt if they can defeat Humbaba, and in turn Gilgamesh reassures Endiku that he is a good warrior. When they finally get to the forest and they meet with Humbaba, they defeat him. Humbaba pleads for mercy by saying he will become Gilgamesh’s servant if he is spared. Gilgamesh considers being merciful but is convinced by Endiku to kill the demon. Gilgamesh’s love for Endiku made his decision clear, he listened to Endiku above Humbaba, therefore sealing Endiku’s fate. Gilgamesh and Endiku return home, where Ishtar makes an advance on Gilgamesh. He refuses her because he knows what has happened to her other lovers. Ishtar becomes furious and unleashes the Bull of Heaven on Uruk. Gilgamesh and Endiku fight the bull, defeat him, and then bask in the fame of Uruk’s people. The gods meet in council to decide Gilgamesh and Endiku’s fate. They are furious that they killed the bull, Humbaba and for felling the tallest tree in the

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