Comparison Between Othello And Emilia

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Asan Joseph
COM 1102

COMPARISON AND CONTRAST BETWEEN DESDEMONA AND EMILIA In the play by Shakespare, Othello, there are two noticeable women who were featured in the play. One of them was the wife of the tragic-hero in the play (Othello), while the other one was the wife of the greatest villain of all time (Lago). The comparison of women in a Shakespeare text cannot be done without understanding the situation of women in Shakespeare’s time, and the cultural and social context in which he wrote women, especially nobles. In England, women were naturally subservient to men, as was customary and traditional. Despite being ruled by a woman, Elizabeth I, society did not take to the idea of women in careers, especially if they were married; it went against the natural order of the world, when men had dominion over their wives. These two women characterize and make up most parts of this play to a great deal and they play a major role in how the problems in the play were resolved. As mentioned analyzed from the play, conclusions could be drawn that Desdomena was from an upper class family. She was the daughter of a senator. Emilia on the other hand was somewhat of a middle class woman. These women are married to men of power and value. The two wives try their best in the play to please their husbands in all matter of ways, and to also prove to their husbands their loyalty towards them. Desdemona even makes it clear that she didn 't cheat on Othello with Cassio just to
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