Comparison Between Plato And Plato

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Over centuries theorists and philosophers and have been creating new ideas in order to help form society. The philosophers help determine why we obey, what morality is, how to create justice inside and outside society, the state of nature, equality, and the state of war. They distinguish how the people and government help create a well-oiled society. Comparing Plato to Rousseau, the beginning of philosophy to a more modern perspective. In Crito by Plato, Socrates continues a speech of the Laws of Athens by appealing to a social contract that exists between the Laws and the citizens. By living in Athens, one must abide by the Laws of Athens. Since Socrates is in prison, if he were to try to escape he would be breaking the Law. Socrates lived in Athens following the Athenian Law up to this point. Socrates dismissed the possibility of exile, saying he would rather die than live outside of Athens. Though they offered the exile freely, to flee Athens when the Law no longer permitted him to do so. There is no reason or will for Socrates to break to Law now when he always agreed to follow them. The problem with this is that Socrates ' accusers have unjustly sentenced him by usig the Laws. The accusers viewed the Laws in their own perspective. By writing Crito, Plato hoped to distinguish them as a separate entity, making them something human toward which Socrates might be able to act unjustly. However, it may be hard to deem that the laws of a state from which the people who apply
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