Comparison Between Pugneus And Ovanus's Death

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When King Rex returns to Vulcano and sees the lifeless carcasses of his son and the whole army along with Ovanus--who must’ve died in the process of the battle.Angered and raged,King Rex demands a duel with Pugnemus.Pugnemus excepts the duel.Pugnemus and King Rex duel as the sun was fading in the distance.King Rex underestimating his opponent think he can win the duel.The fight is quickly finished in a bloodbath with King Rex dead.Pugnemus celebrates with Navigus and eats too much.When Pugnemus tried crossing over the water again he fell because of the weight increase he gained while eating .This resulted in him drowning and dying.Traumatized by what he and his dead friend,Pugnemus had done Navigus sails home to Lipari.From then on he lived
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