Comparison Between Rich And Poor, Power, Violence, And Terrorism

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Sukripa Ranjit’s comparison of the inequality between rich and poor, power, Violence, and terrorism, seen in the film The Hunger Games. The film industry ranks among the most profitable industries the world over. Every year new films are rolled out to quench the thirsts of an ever-widening fan base. Through the consistent production of movies, followers of this genre of entertainment keep up with the latest developments in the film industry (Collins, 2012). Apart from entertainment, movies help in relaying important messages to the wider masses. The Hunger Games (Dir. Ross) provide an ostensibly fictional plot along with great entertainment and enjoyment to the viewer. It happens that some of the themes reflected in this film represent…show more content…
It is also observed that most residents in the district are not able to hunt meaning that the little owned by the Katniss family is more than the other districts in the district. Additionally, even the most basic needs such as food are luxuries. Katniss also observes that the family of Peeta which owns a bakery and is, therefore, one of the households that are better off in District II cannot afford most of the baked food and they mostly eat the decayed leftovers. On the other hand, when Katniss reaches in the capitol, she is surprised by the extravagant feasts as well as the sumptuously prepared meals. The food is abundant and rich and for the first moment, Katniss attempts hot chocolate. This movie shows the how rich and poor live their life. In this movie, it focused on discrimination between the life of rich and poor. The life of poor people looks painful and miserable. They had to struggle every single meal and sustainable living area. According to United Nations World Food Programme (WEP) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), around 12.8 million people are suffering from starvation in Southern Africa (Volen, 315). Due to an insufficient amount of proper nutritious food, it has been challenging experience for poor people in the urban and rural area of Africa. Poor people are consequently

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