Comparison Between Roman And Roman Civilization

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Introduction- Since Roman Civilization Rome itself is highly recognized for its most notorious dynasties of all the city gained its own image in exposing harsh cruelty. During the years in BC Imperial and administration earned Hellenistic Empires from republic, after being discovered in Sicily, Macedonia, between The Seleucid and Egypt itself was barely modify to a lending degree to prevail percentages from the Domain, Ever since then Rome has always been widely known for its brutal behavior and its people that has made it for what it is today, Roman history has left more of bloody legacy outweighing the bad over good, And of course Emperors themselves have left such permeant print of horror that consist of evil and greed and learn why Rome is the way it because of it, People like Caesar, Augustus and much more have given Rome the Sodom and Gomorrah. Julius Caesar prevailed issues which suggested in relinquishing Anidea. He also viewed himself as the Inheritor to Alexander the Great where he instructed prospective conqueror to Parthian realm in building a great Bulk of Empire Oriental to decrease a portion to Adriatic an insignificant and perhaps short-term appendage. The Configuration positon in government regarding Caesar was visibly and perhaps deliberately active in Hellenistic where obliterated nationality along with sentiment of patriotism in substituting them for commerce Principles in dealings of entire. Monarchs of his High Official to imposing the masses to his

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