Comparison Between Roman And Roman Culture

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The closer we examine early Christian life alongside ancient Greek and Roman cultures, the vast differences on how they individually viewed life becomes apparent. The ancient Greeks and Romans beheld extreme importance in living the good life with the view of living in the here and now, whereas early Christianity was concentrated on living a life for the hereafter. These two drastically different life views are best revealed through the independent ways in which figures were depicted and how faith was expressed through symbolism in works of art, in addition to the way in which religious architecture was arranged during these time periods. It is most unchallenging to see these radical life view differences when analyzing works of art, such as sculptures, from these two individual cultures, as the techniques used to depict figures are highly dissimilar. The statue known as Augustus of Primaporta displays the Roman life view of living in the here and now simply by giving the statue a specific identity. Augustus is easily recognizable as he is realistically, though somewhat idealistically, depicted and is granted with perfect proportions that follows the rules of Polykleitos ' Canon. Furthermore, Augustus is rendered with one foot in front of the other, while one arm is extended forward in a gesturing motion. This provides him with a sense of movement and liveliness, making him appear as if he is addressing his onlookers, in the here and now. Strikingly different, the biblical…
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