Comparison Between Roman And Roman Empire

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Spectacles in the Christian Roman Empire In the late fourth century, Roman society had changed in two things: Christianity had become a powerful social, political, and religious force, and the Roman spectacles had grown to enormous proportions. Even though the games were supported by the emperors, those spectacles experienced some changes, especially because of a special legislation that produced norms on their performance. Emperors made laws against paganism, idolatry, and sacrifices. In 380, Theodosius declared Christianity the official and only legitimate religion of the Roman Empire and made all the activities of the imperial cult illegal. In 325, Constantine had prohibited legal activity on Sunday; in 392, Theodosius also prohibited circus games on Sunday; in 395, pagan holidays were no longer celebrated; in 409, no spectacles were held on Sunday ; and by 425, the games were celebrated according to the Christian calendar. This legislation emphasized something that the Fathers of the Church had asked for centuries: to end the idolatrous aspect of the games. The spectacles continued without any sacrifice to the pagan gods, contrary to what had been happening the first centuries in the Empire. The spectacles were also different in the way they were celebrated. By 425, there were no more gladiatorial combats because after a law by Constantine in 325. Even though at that time that law was not enforced, later those combats disappeared. Another aspect that worried the
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