Comparison Between School And High School Students

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Compare Contrast Essay 04/03/16
Kaitlin Corlew DeFabio
I have heard teachers say countless times “this is how it will be in college.” Every high school teacher wants to prepare their students for college but are they doing it correctly? The teachers have attended college themselves and yet many don’t realize they are not preparing their students for higher education standards. High school expectations are extremely poor compared to the preparation that is supposed to be provided to students for their college education.
Classrooms are full of groans when high school teachers announce it is note taking time. It’s kind of pathetic that high school students complain about writing on a piece of paper since their teachers provide them with exactly what they need to know. The thinking process isn’t involved. The students just have to look at the board and copy the work their teachers have done for them without having to do an ounce of the work themselves besides a few pen strokes. High school teachers don’t teach their students how to pick out information they believe is valuable and will come in handy around test time. College professors won’t display neatly organized notes for students to write down word for word. (“How Is College Different From High School”) Professors expect the students to be able to weed out what…
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