Comparison Between Schools And Prisons

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Schools Vs Prisons The United States prison population has grown from approximately 500,000 to 2.3 million people in three decades. The us spends almost $70 billion dollars yearly to put adults in prison and jails. They also put 7.3 million people on probation and parole. California has the largest prison population rate in the country, with more than 170,000 people behind bars. More than a billion dollars is spent every year to incarcerate people from a community in Los Angeles . 40% of students expelled from schools each year are black. 70% of students are involved in “in school” arrest. 2 x black and latino students are twice as likely to not graduate than white students 68% of all males in federal prison do not have a high school diploma The yearly cost to incarcerate one child is $88,000 and the yearly cost of public education for one child is $10,600 The school-to-prison pipeline is exactly how it sounds it is a system that pushes students out of classrooms and into jail. In kensington droup outs , unemployment, Poverty, and Crime 13,000 young adults between the ages 20 - 24 3,000 high school dropouts 23 philadelphia schools were closed Pennsylvania spends at least 463.8 million more on prisons than schools. Benefits to students Free health care (no) Internet access (yes) Weight room (no) Cable television (no) Access to library (yes) Free sports programs (no) Computer lab (yes) Laundry services (yes) Funding to earn a degree (no) free housing (no) three
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