Comparison Between Street And Street Artist

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Introduction: In order to compare and analyse two-forms of art one must first identify their key similitudes and differences. In this case the comparison of a Visual artist such as Pablo Picasso whose work is broadly referred to under the label of Fine art, against a second visual artist or street artist who in contrast tends to be referred to and labeled as a Criminal or a vandal, such as Banksy this is mainly due to the characteristics and environment in which their artwork is displayed. As it is customary for fine art most of Picasso’s work can be found within a museum or art gallery in the form of an oil painting, this makes such artwork accessible to only certain sectors of the global populous. In contrast, street art as its name describes can be found in the streets of various cities and can be appreciated by anyone who travels trough the vicinity in which such artwork is located, rendering it accessible to a much larger social stratum. However, such practice has been vastly outlawed in various countries forcing street artist to cover their identities which in term separates them further from their audiences. Social environments: Art in general is perceived as the social, cultural and economic environments of an artists, more importantly the representation created by such artist of his life and the environments surrounding it. Due to this, it is important to define such environments when attempting to analyse or compare works of art. Picasso: Born in 1981 Pablo
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