Comparison Between ' The Lottery ' And Funes The Memorius ' By Borges

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Compare and Contrast Essay Navroop In the ficciones “The lottery in Babylon” and “Funes the Memorius” by Borges, change is apparent in both. As human beings, change is an ever-present aspect of life. It can occur to individual people, or in larger advancements which has a lasting effect on generations of people. Change isn’t something we should fear, but rather it is something inevitable, and nearly impossible to stop. Starting off, the pair of short stories had significant changes occur. “The Lottery in Babylon” began with a small sweepstake, in which you traded in “copper coins, squares of bone or parchment” in exchange for the opportunity to win “silver coins” (31). Eventually, these rewards and entries would be non-existent and a thing of the past. Similarly, Funes, turns from a seemingly normal teen, into someone who has an unhuman-like memory. Originally, people in Babylon were intrigued by the idea of a potential gain, and didn’t care much about the risk. However, part of the population soon got bored, and wanted to increase the risk by introducing unfavorable tickets. “The Company” emerged and became the driving force behind these lotteries. Those who didn’t take part or lost in the lotteries “were scorned” (31) and looked down upon. Change occurred once again, as the poor people wanted a part in the action. This signifies how humans all want to be included, and how no wants to feel left out. Over time, the lottery was made

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