Comparison Between The Son's Vito and Kiss Miss Carol Essay

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Comparison Between The Son's Vito and Kiss Miss Carol The differences in both stories are style and language, settings and culture against the social class. The similarities in both stories are feeling that you don't belong to a certain place or area, feeling isolated and trapped, and being unable to do anything because of someone who has more power and are controlling you. Other similarities are the love for their birthplace, education, making important decisions, possible sad endings and conflicts between the parent and child. In 'Kiss Miss Carol' we feel sorry for Jolil and possibly Mr.Miah, and in 'The Son's Veto' with Sophy and possibly Sam. In 'The Son's Veto' the problem between Sophy…show more content…
He's young and at times vulnerable, although he tries to find a way to keep both parties happy. 'The Son's Veto' is very much different because the story starts in the middle of Sophy's existence and then goes to the beginning and then to the disastrous end. It barely tells the story because the writer requests us to commiserate with Sophy. In 'Kiss Miss Carol' there is a barrier amidst Jolil and Mr.Miah. Mr.Miah does not speak reasonable English but Jolil, who's in secondary school, can and is common with the culture and language of England. We know this because Mr.Miah would, "He'd hold the letter up to the light and then ask Jolil to read it" In 'The Son's Veto' Sophy is similar to Mr.Miah even though she speaks English and was brought up in England, she is not familiar with the reading and the grammar because she didn't have a good quality education. Frequently Randolph corrects his mother's mistakes, "I've been so comfortable these last few years that I'm sure that he cannot have missed it;" she replied. Randolph is extremely knowledgeable and corrects his mother's mistake with this response. "Has dear mother-not have!" In 'The Son's Veto' the attitudes are intense on social differences among Sophy and her child and husband who are at a much-elevated

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