Comparison Between The Uk And Uk Healthcare Systems

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Comparison of the US and UK healthcare systems The UK Healthcare system is based /focused on primary care services which leads to improved health outcomes, better patient satisfaction, and decreased overall health expenditures. Type of Health Care System United Kingdom National Health Service The NHS was created out of the ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth. They provide a comprehensive range of health services, the vast majority of which are free at the point of use for people legally resident in the United Kingdom. When it was launched by the then minister of health, Aneurin Bevan, on July 5 1948, it was based on three core principles: • that it meet the needs of everyone • that it be free at the point of delivery • that it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay These three principals have guided the development of the NHS over more than 60 years and remain at its core. Financing National Health Service is mainly funded ultimately from general taxation (with a much smaller amount from National Insurance contributions). Other, less significant sources of income include charging overseas visitors and their insurers for the cost of NHS treatment, charges to patients for prescriptions and dental treatment, hospital car parking, patient telephone services, etc. Scope of Services Provided The service is designed to diagnose, treat and improve both physical and mental health. It has a duty to each and every individual

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