Comparison Between Video And Video

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The comparison and contrast of my skills are clearly shown in each video. This baseline video to the ending graded video were a standard that I could grade myself and see the major jump at the end of the program. It was a great grading technique as I was able to see it for myself and feel like I had accomplished something within my time of learning the process. The comparison video begin in each video with an introduction of myself and then introducing the clients. During this time I help everyone to get acquainted as I attempted to set the positive tone in my voice. I felt like I mastered that as I have several years of experience within the field of social work. It is very easy to change the tone of the group depending on the topic and the group leader. If the group is about loss or grief the leader has to come into group with a mono tone so it does not affect the group. A loud talking and over excited leader will not fit well into the groups. I made sure to the let the clients’ know my role in the group as I stated that I was a counselor. Throughout each video I set up rules with the group on how to respect to each one by in the graded video by announcing the rules. In the other video, I let them pass around my cellphone as a tool to indicate on who could talk in the group. I did encourage each member in the group for their issues by trying to deepen the purpose of how they were affected by the title of the group. Both groups were conducted in a safe environment for
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