Comparison Between Vietnam and Australia Culture

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| | A well-established organization is seeking to expand its operation internationally in Vietnam. The Purpose of the report is to analyses the situation and cultural in Vietnam and business level strategy and market entry strategy |

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INTRODUCTION:-TCL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of multimedia electronics. Its main product is the color TV. TCL has branches across all over the world, such as Huizhou, Henan, Wuxi, Inner Mongolia, Nanchang, and Chengdu in China, Juarez in Mexico, Bangkok in Thailand and Poland (TCL Multimedia). As one of the world’s leading firms of multimedia electronics, geographical expansion is the first priority. That's why TCL is planning to expand its business in Vietnam.
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In the case of demand growth, although down from a profit of competitors, but still have a high level develops. (The Industry Handbook: The Retailing Industry n.d) 4. Bargaining power of supplier
The Industry Handbook: The Retailing Industry (n.d) stated that retailers try to use the relationship with suppliers. LCD main raw material is Indium Tin Oxide which has a high cost and its supply is limited. While the supplier is centralized, the producers’ demand is more and more. Therefore, Indium Tin Oxide production LCD is easy, but LCD manufacturers to produce Indium Tin Oxide are difficult. Hence, determine the price of the ability of suppliers is strong. As LCD price falls, cost of Indium Tin Oxide is still high and the profit on the LCD is large.

5. Existing rivalry
LCD & Plasma Component Makers Raise their Competitiveness (2010) stated that in the technology industry, foreign brands, such as Samsung and LG, still occupy a strong position. Consumers demand higher quality, they pursue cheap products and high quality and enjoyment. In the supply condition, the more competitive the product is, its features are more attractive. Between foreign and domestic prices of brand, new products style and maintenances servers, these terms become a fierce competition for the suppliers.
On the other hand, TV prices of Japanese and Korean brands have pulled away the majority of the market while
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