Comparison Between Zhang Yimou 's And Yu Hua

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Name: Zhihao Cai
Course: Chinese 355
Instructor: Wei Yang
Date: 2014/12/7

Comparison Between Zhang Yimou’s and Yu Hua’s To Live Zhang Yimou’s film To Live has a same general plot as Yu Hua’s original work To Live. It takes about the lives of Fugui and his family in twentieth century China. It explores a lot of aspects such as the filial piet, persona growth, political policies and personal life. It also talks about traditional Chinese culture and Communist policies in a criticism standing point. However, in some ways, the film is quite different from Yu Hua’s original work. And it is different from the plot and the themes of Yu Hua’s To Live, such as character’s developing, setting, disadvantages of Chinese Communist party, descripting life in China’s 20s century.

Yuhua’s one major theme is about Fugui’s large changed from addicted gambler losing all his family’s house and shames on his wife in gambling hall and shame his family. In the later, he becomes a good father and a hard-working husband that in order to make life better, he becomes a farmer of his family’s original property. In the film, it depicts that Fugui as a gambler who gamble away his house because of his addiction of gambling. After then, he begins to sell his left goods in order to keep alive and never gambling again. He gets his wife back and becomes a player of puppet show. After the puppet shows, Fugui needs to travel around. During his travelling, he gets caught by Nationalists to…
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