Comparison-Contrast Writing

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1. Comparison-contrast writing holds two or more things, phenomena, or concepts side by side– with comparison focusing on similarities, and contrast focusing on differences. By looking at subjects side-by-side, we more clearly see their unique and shared traits.
2. Writers commonly compare and contrast subjects in order to explain how, why, and to what effect their distinguishing features make the subjects similar or different. The writer believes that his or her comparative analysis of the topic will enrich readers’ understanding of that topic. Writers address a wide range of topics through comparison-contrast: people, events, phenomena, technologies, problems, products, stories, and so on.
3. Comparable items are types of same thing. The subjects are of the same order – one cannot simply be an example of the other. Once writers choose the criteria, those criteria must be applied consistently. For help comparing and contrasting subjects, use a Venn Diagram. List the subjects’ differences on the left or right and their similarities in the center.
4. Whole vs. whole discusses items separately, giving a strong overview of each. This pattern works well with
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Write the writer first draft. When writing in the subject-by-subject pattern it should include the following: an opening that gets the readers’ attention, introduces the subjects, offers a thesis; a body that discusses the first subject, then analyze the second subject, discuss traits parallel to those the reader addressed with the first subject; a conclusion that summarizes similarities, differences, and implications. When writing in the trait-by-trait pattern it should include the following: an opening that gets the readers’ attention, introduce the subjects, and offer a thesis; a body that compare and/or contrast the two subjects trait by trait; include transitions that help readers look back and forth between the two subjects; a conclusion that summarize the key relationships and note their
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