Comparison Essay: Baseball Vs. Football

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Athletics has been the greatest part of my high school career without a doubt. The sports that I have played in high school were football and baseball. My football career lasted four good years while my baseball career lasted a good solid two. These two sports are great sports, being unique in their own ways. But these two differ in so many ways, making it hard to choose a favorite between the two. Football and baseball differ in many ways, making each of them unique. Baseball is a very hard sport to play but what’s unique about it is that almost anyone can play it, which is why it is a very popular sport. Baseball is both entertaining and accessible to anyone. When it comes to leadership amongst teams, there isn’t very much of it in this…show more content…
Gametime is a little different, if you are not starting there is not a very great chance you will play at all unless the game is a blowout. Coaches do not give the benched players many chances throughout the season, even if the coach knows what these players are capable of. This sport is not fair to these players because the coaches mainly want to work with the players they know will be starting. Football is probably a good opposite from baseball with these topics. The first being the leadership involved in the sport. Every football team chooses their captains to lead their teams. The captains are athletic, mature, vocal, and enthusiastic. The captains that are chosen are basically semi-coaches and are huge role models for the younger guys coming into the program. Games are many times won by their captains leading their team through an entire game both verbally and physically. A football team without captains is not a football team at…show more content…
Having a great coach in this sport is one of the main key components to having a good football team. I’ve met many football coaches and they all have the same traits thing in common - they have strong connections to their players. Football players spend their entire career with their coaches, meaning every weight lifting session and every practice. When it comes to practice, everyone on the team gets a chance to show what they’ve got to the coaches. The coaching staff care for everyone on the team and make sure everyone on the team, regardless of their starting status, receives the same amount of practice as all other players. The starting players are decided based on who works the hardest and contributes to the team more, not based on only who the best players
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