Comparison Essay: Female Versus Male Athletes

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Why do female athletes receive less media coverage than male athletes? Male athletes dominate professional sport that airs on television. The media easily overlooks female athletes except during occasion like the Winter Olympics. The articles Media Coverage of Women’s Sports is Important (Lopiano, 2008) and Take Back the Sports Page? (Sommers, 2010) acknowledge factors that determine the amount of media coverage female athletes receive. [Lopiano and Sommers address this issue in regards to media coverage on female athletes differently. Lopiano focuses on the general message the media broadcasts and Sommers uses statistics to show the difference between female and male media. Lopiano and Sommers agree that the media considers female sports…show more content…
Furthermore, Lopiano and Sommers complement each other while focusing on the different consequences in media coverage between female and male athletes. Lopiano focuses more on the general media and message it sends to little girls. Lopiano believes “girls see a double standard in covering women’s sports”. Contemporary media do not portray female athletes as competitive, strong, or skilled. Young girls become confused because male athletes are dressed as they are in arenas on the covers of sport magazines but female athletes are not. When female athletes get the opportunity to be featured on covers of sport magazines, they are photographed to emphasize their sexuality (Lopiano, 2008). In contrast, Sommers focuses more on the statistics and specific media outlets. Due to a large turnout at male athlete sport events such as the National Basketball Association (NBA), advertisers take advantage of the opportunities to advertise their products. Sommers says, “that is where advertisers expect to find customers for “male” products such as beers, razor, and cars”. Knowing that the spectators are possible buyers, advertisers invest large sums of money into the sport teams and their star players (Sommers, 2010). That is one major area female athletes and their teams are missing out on, investors. Sommers (2010) also mentions “ the WNBA teams lose between one and a half million dollars and two

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