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The Painted Door by Sinclair Ross is about a couple that has been married for 7 years, in which, they’ve lived on an isolated farm. The wife Anne seeks change in her boring life resulting in her committing adultery. Later in the story Anne comes to the realization that she’s truly in love with John but it didn’t matter because John had witnessed her sin. John is announced dead because while walking away from his home in dismay he froze to death. In comparison, Behind the Headlines by Vidyut Akulujkar the wife Lakshmi is tired of her repetitive life style which is cause by her husband Hariharan who was a “[]promised professor of economics in a respectable Canadian university.”(pg139) The couple were immigrants from India therefore they…show more content…
Both sexes have their vices when it comes to interacting with each other. Though it is possible we can never know for sure, people still try and bridge that great gender gap. Authors Sinclair Ross and Anton Chekhov both wrote stories that reflect what they think the essence of a relationship is. Ross' "The Painted Door" and Chekhov's "The Brute" both have somewhat similar characters and situations, but each definitely has a unique course through the swampy waters of lost love. In both "The Painted Door" and "The Brute", there are classic, though obscure, love triangles. In "The Brute", widowed Mrs. Popov still mourns her cheating husband when brash Grigori Smirnov charges into her life looking for a debt to be paid. In "The Painted Door", Ann is a dissatisfied farmer's wife who falls into infidelity with a younger man when her husband is thought lost in a snow storm. This lack of spousal presence makes each woman turn to the immediate man of the moment to fulfill the need to have someone close. Comparatively, by taking the entire length of the story, Mrs. Popov seems slow to change her priorities from her husband to Mr. Smirnov. But, Ann, on the other hand, was reluctant to let go of her husband and eventually never really did by the end of the story. Not to mention Mrs. Popov seemed to feel no guilt as she fell in love with Smirnov (though there was definitely anger!) while Ann fought an internal battle of her emotions towards Steven from almost the moment John had left
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