Comparison In Society In Fahrenheit 451 And Today's Society

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Comparison in societies in Fahrenheit 451 and today’s society Fahrenheit 451 has a great deal of government control, technology that is advanced it is injurious to the society and the people there,and that censorship has been a terrible thing for the people. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 reveals how the society, which is a dystopia can be detrimental with more government control, and how censorship blinds the people in the society, and how technology gets to advanced it can be a inimical thing and how it has been shown or not shown in today’s society.
Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopia that has too much government control, technology that is used to blind the people in the society so that nobody questions anything about what is going wrong in it. Also, the technology is advanced by a metallic hound that hunts and captures criminals. “He also manages to incinerate the Mechanical Hound, but not before he is injured by it.”. This one example of how the advanced technology is harming the society. The Hounds are programmed to capture or kill people who are caught violating this law. They also deceive people with fancy new technology, such as giant TVs that are installed into the wall it keeps them from questioning or think about their life and everything that goes on. This is the main reason why people do not see anything wrong with the dystopia, they are in because the government explains that the books are full of false ideas such as firefighters use to put out fires instead of
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