Comparison Of Amir And Holden In 'The Kite Runner'

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S1/B3: Finally, Rahim Khan successfully shapes Amir into becoming the responsible man he has always wanted to be. This is indicated when Amir and Soraya are attempting to have a baby and Amir wonders what kind of father he will turn out to be. He thinks, “I wanted to be just like Baba and I wanted to be nothing like him” (Hosseini 184). Although Baba was the ‘ideal’ man: strong, popular, and well known, this is not the man Amir wants to turn out to be. Amir sees that Baba was secretly a materialistic, selfish, dishonest coward. So, while Amir wants to be a popular and strong idealistic father to his child, he does not want to leave his child feeling neglected by him, as he experienced with Baba. Amir would rather be a responsible and understanding…show more content…
Like Rahim Khan with Amir, Mr. Spencer and Carl Luce push Holden to fulfill societal expectations of manhood, but - unlike Amir - Holden refuses to follow their advice. Mr. Spencer honestly cares for Holden, and that is why he attempts to give him valuable advice. In a conversation with Mr. Spencer, Mr. Spencer says to him, “Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules” (Salinger 12). In response, Holden thinks to himself, “Some game. If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, then it’s a game all right - I’ll admit that” (Salinger 12). Holden knows life’s a game, but he also knows it is a game he does not want to play. Holden does his best to not be pushed into the social ‘norms’, but everyone around him keeps telling him to give into those expectations and “play the game.” In this way, Mr. Spencer fails Holden because he gives advice that is not relevant to what Holden really wants. In that same conversation, Mr. Spencer asks Holden about his future. After Holden claims not to be worried about it, Mr. Spencer replies, “You will when it’s too late” (Salinger 20). Again, Mr. Spencer is trying to help but he is not listening to Holden or trying to understand Holden’s perspective, instead he just continues to tell Holden useless information. If Rahim Khan said this to Amir it would have been
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