Comparison Of Bernard Shaw And John Bulls Other Island

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During the period of Bernard Shaw and John Bulls Other Island furthermore, John Millington Synge and the Congested District essays’ it has been observed that both writers made an effort to include “ a real Ireland”, an Ireland seen during the first decade of the twentieth century and a progression of Ireland, how Ireland would come to be known. Through further examination we are able to not only prove that this style of writing was seen in both of their works, but also provide some reasoning into why it was seen. John Bulls Other Island is a playwright written by Bernard Shaw in 1904. In order to put the playwright into context I believe that it is necessary to have a brief understanding of Shaw’s character and background. Shaw was born…show more content…
Uneducated Irishmen like Haffigan, Doran and Corney Doyle have the plans to take large loans from Broadbent with the likelihood to spend it unwisely due to greed, which will lead to Broadbent seizing in the future. The people of Ireland are oblivious to the English’s strategy with the exception of the well-educated, well-traveled ex-pastor, Peter Keegan, who is not phased from Broadbent’s tactics. Shaw first establishes the current state of Ireland by demonstrating the takeover by foreign capitalistic interest. Shaw, a socialist, allows Peter Keegan to address the readers of Capitalism and its true power of manipulation. Through the voice of Broadbent that represented the Ireland that was believed existed, while through Mr. Keegan that was Shaw’s resemblance of the Ireland that needed to exist. John Millington Synge took a different approach with his writings. Unlike John Bulls Other Island Synge made a series of essays about the Congested Districts of Ireland. Synge, just as Shaw, was born in Dublin; however, took a more social liberal stance within his writings. Synge came from a reasonably well off family and had the opportunity to experience higher education. Following his passion for music Synge wanted to become a professional musician however, found his talent in writing. In one of his first essays titled, Between the Bays of Carraroe, is a short essay where Synge is having a discussion with an old man

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