Comparison Of Biscuit And Tesla

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The “Always Amazing Award”

The “Always Amazing Award” goes to my two dogs. They love running and playing. My family’s backyard is perfect for having dogs. My dogs are either running outside or on the couch with us watching TV. About my dogs extra information, playing outside, and Biscuit’s tricks. My dogs names are Biscuit and Tesla. Tesla is 8 months old and Biscuit is almost 2 years old. Tesla is gold ,white, and black, and Biscuit is tan. They are good around kids, and they get along with other animals. Tesla is a King Charles Cavalier, Biscuit is a Terrier and a Shih Tzu. This is a few extra facts about my dogs. They enjoy trying to climb my play set. Biscuit has climbed the ladder and he went down the slide all by himself. When my family is outside, the dogs are running or chasing something and most of the time squirrels. Biscuit and Tesla have caught and killed a squirrel. They love playing outside.
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He learned a few tricks. Which consists of sit, stay, and roll over. He also learned to play dead , but instead of saying “play dead,” they taught him “bang.” He also learned to high five and focus. It is adorable when he does the trick, roll over. Hopefully, we will take Tesla to Dog School when he is about one. Dog school is fun for the dogs and it helps the dogs learn.
Fantastic dogs listen, are cute, and follow you everywhere. They are perfect for any family with kids, no kid, backyard, or not. They do not bite, they are colorful, and cute. My dogs are loving, caring, and are ok in any
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