Comparison Of Calista Roy 's And Betty Neuman

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Throughout nursing, there are many theories that nurses may come across and use. Calista Roy’s and Betty Neuman are two theorists that use two different types of models to encompasses the health, person, and the environment. Callista Roy uses a theory that promotes adaptation to the stimuli a person may encounter. Betty Neuman uses a theory that promotes equilibrium in a time where a person will encounter stress. These theories allow the nurse to bring a knowledge to learn more about the person and the factors that influence their health. Although with any theory there are different approaches in how the nursing plan is done, but with the patient in mind, it makes the difference in care that is given and allows for better outcomes for the patient.
Roy’s adaptation model is described as promoting a person’s adaptation in the four adaptive models which include physiologic needs, self-concept, role function, and interdependent relations (Hood, 2014, p. 135). Roy uses the approach of adaptation in the response to external stimulus. A stimulus can elicit a response, but it is the way that a person can adapt to the stimulus that will allow the person to cope (Roy, 2014, p.135). For example, a person may encounter an illness but how the person deals with it and the resources at hand will make the difference in their coping. Roy describes that there are two coping mechanisms that can affect our mind and also our body systems (Hood, 2014, p.134).
Betty Neuman’s system model uses

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