Comparison Of Canter Vs. Dreikurs

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Canter vs. Dreikurs
Darci Deakin
Utah State University

Theoretical Application #4- Canter vs. Dreikurs
Role: Parent
Behavior: Thumb Sucking
Child’s Age: 3
Key concept 1: Set Limits Definition: Carter believed that we needed to learn how to set limits to achieve assertive discipline. Setting limits means being clear about the behavior you want to see (A. Hagman, personal communication, October 20, 2014). “The purpose of this approach is to help teachers interact with students in a calm, helpful, consistent manner” (Charles, Senter, & Barr, 1999). From this perspective, my child, who loves to suck her thumb, does not have set limits in which I have made for her to follow. She isn’t sucking her thumb because she thinks it is an expectation, it’s because I have set limits for her not to suck her thumb. Because it is my fault, as her parent, that I have not set limits for her not to suck her thumb, I need to be clear about the behavior I want to see from her. I can use specific directions and reminders that can be seen. Without, making demands that I am not prepared to follow through with. I think the idea that I set limits for my 3-year-old, it makes it clear the behavior I want to see. I can think of my child as more responsible as she will know not to suck her thumb, and she will not do it. However, I don’t think this theory is very appropriate if I do not set limits in a nice and respectful way. I do not want my child to feel like I am demanding her not…
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