Comparison Of Cennini And Alberti Models

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In the Cennini relief modeling system, value and saturation are employed as if they were one and the same property of color.

In the Cennini and Alberti modeling system have all of the three properties of color, which are the following; Hue, Value and Saturation. Through out the process of the art History class 385 we have been learning about how the modeling system worked. In this paper I will be breaking down both the Cennini and Alberti modeling system separately and then comparing how they are both similar. Using the texts from Marcia Hall called Color and Meaning: Practice and Theory in Renaissance and Martin Kemp’s reading called Part III: The Color of Light.

In the color world there are many meanings that we never really quite understand.
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The limitations of the Alberti system is that it has destaurated hues, which means it will have no-jewel like colors. Although the advantages of using the Alberti system is that they have the same value range for all the hues, you can create the illusion of light sources and you can have directional light. An example of an Alberti system artwork is the Madonna and Child with Angels, 1457 which is painted by Fra Filippo Lippi. The Alberti system is shown in this painting by the saturated hue is more of a mid-tone, the higher value is on the illuminated side and the lower value is used for the…show more content…
In the Cennini system it uses up modeling only the colors are more saturated and contrast more with the other colors, because of this some of the other colors such as yellow becomes over powering than others. So they use as a isochromatism by using symmetry of forms and colors to balance out the composition and draw better focus to the more important aspects of the art such as seen in the painting by Cimabue called Madonna & Child Enthroned, ca. 1280. The reason the Alberti modeling system does not need this aspect is because it uses a wider value range. The wider value range allows artists to use more natural looking
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