Comparison Of Charles Darwin And Alfred Russel Wallace

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Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace two different people yet one same idea. Charles Robert Darwin was an english naturalist whose theory of evolution by natural selection is defined as the “foundation of modern evolutionary theories.” Darwin and Wallace both lived during the same period of time in the mid 1800’s and both studied natures theory of evolution. Let us get into the evolution of Mister Charles Darwin. Alfred Russel Wallace was another English naturalist who also came up with the idea of evolution by natural selection at about the same time as Darwin. Darwin began his bold discoveries after a voyage around the world in 1837 through 1839, where he spent around twenty years on his studies of his theories, in which he waited almost two decades to unleash his discoveries. Darwin's most important part of his studies was using finches which is bird type, to support his theories of natural selection. Darwin spent all of his life dedicated to exploring, scientific collecting, and then eventually theorizing, the most important reason we are here. “To the mass of mankind religion of some kind is a necessity” is my favorite quote from Alfred Russel Wallace. He on the other hand, similar to Darwin's theory of natural selection - studied the more social and spiritual side of things. Although he predated Darwin's theories, Darwin came out on top and is more well known for his theories. Charles Darwin is more well known because he published first. He was the first to

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