Comparison Of Claude Donne And Claude Mckay And If We Must Die

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What is your life amount to, if you hadn’t made an impact? Death is a part of life yet many people are afraid of it and are not ready for it when their time comes. The poems that I chose that impacted me is “If We Must Die” by Claude McKay and “Death Be Not Proud” By John Donne. These poems impacted me because I thought it was interesting the difference in the thought process about a subject that impossible to escape. These two poems are talking about experiencing death and when it does come that it isn’t something to be scared of but to be embraced as a time of rest because you have made your impact on this earth. My goal of this essay is to show the comparison and contrasts about John Donne and Claude McKay perspectives on death and…show more content…
McKay always wanted to go to college, he loved learning but was never able to afford the payments to make it in, until he started writing poetry. McKay earned lots of respect form many black poets who had similar experience as he did and they praised him for being brave enough to write about the equality that everyone deserved. He died on May 22, 1948 in Chicago, Illinois from a heart attack.
The poetic devices in “If We Must Die” by Clause McKay are personification, sonnet, onomatopoeia, anaphora, and true rhyme. Personification is used in this poem when it says “If we die-let it not be like hogs.”(1) The sonnet is used because the 14 lines and the rhyme scheme ABABCDCDEFEFGG. The onomatopoeia is when Clause McKay states “While around us bark the mad and hungry dogs” “bark” is the onomatopoeia because it sounds what it is describing. (3) Anaphora is used in this poem when the repetition of the words “If we must die”. The true rhyme is shown the poem when the words, “hogs, dogs” “shed, dead” and “brave, grave”.
The poem “If we must die” by Clause McKay is about death but put into a perspective of not dying without a fight. That if death was going to be a part of life to at least die for a noble cause and stand up for what is right. This poem was written in the times of segregation and it talks about a when people we not able to get jobs and had to work harder because of the color of their skin. In these times many people were

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