Comparison Of Curanderos By Rodolfo Anaya And Pat Mora

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Curanderos by Rodolfo Anaya and Pat Mora
A curandero is a Mexican-American folk healer that heals physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses. The folk healer uses prayer, faith, and herbal remedies to heal. People associate repeated healing with healthy relationships between people, culture, and the environment. Mora and Anaya portray the curandera in different and similar ways. The literary works consist of common characteristics and qualities that the curanderos possess irrespective of the different genders. In both poems, the curanderos are knowledgeable. Besides, they have a close connection with nature, and the people from their towns respect them greatly.
Bless Me, Ultima is Anaya’s first novel in which he describes the curandera,
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Antonio witnesses numerous tragic events that make him understand his history and future.
Ultima’s role as demonstrates how Chicano culture is a mixture of multiple, conflicting influences. When Spanish Catholics arrived, they claimed curanderismo is a form of witchcraft. Thus, they killed those that practiced the act. But their interaction brought about a mixed culture where curanderismo existed in harmony with Catholicism. Anaya shows this religious blend by describing Antonio’s mother as a devout Catholic who also respects the Ultima’s powers.
Both novels aim at providing an understanding of people and their surroundings. Anaya proposes that curandero and the local landscape are essential elements that help an antagonist in the search for self-identity. The curandero serves as a mentor to the protagonist and provides knowledge to enable him to search for the truth. Anaya claims that without the folk healers, the society risks losing its constructive connection with nature.
Curanderismo views and treats individuals as part of a greater picture that is members of the community sharing in the spiritual world. As Antonio grows up, he experiences oppositions in his life because his parents come from different backgrounds. Antonio has to fight between good and evil as he questions his Christian beliefs. Fortunately, Ultima joins the family to help him choose a path for his life (Anaya 12). Ultima helps Antonio to achieve balance in life. She

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