Comparison Of Doctor Who, Futurama, And The Big Bang Theory

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Television has gained popularity since it was created in the early 1900’s there have been many shows that have come and gone since the beginning of television. Very few have been able to catch such a popularity that it gets started up again after it is cancelled. A few that come to mind are Family Guy, Futurama and the beloved Doctor Who. Doctor Who is so popular that there are many references to the show in other televisions shows. Futurama, The Simpsons, and The Big Bang Theory are just a few shows that have reverenced Doctor Who several times. Doctor Who is a show that captivates so many different audiences and can bring families together for a night of fun adventures. Doctor Who is about a time Lord that travels through time and space in a police call box, a police call box is a telephone booth that was created to be able to keep…show more content…
At these conventions other Whovians are able to meet others who also enjoy the show. They are also able to meet some of the stars of the show and at times even one of the doctors themselves. Going to a convention can be an experience of a lifetime for those who enjoy Doctor Who. Doctor Who is also brought to light at Comi-Con due to the comics that are created about the Doctor. There are some businesses that are devoted to the theme of Doctor Who as well, one of which is called the Blue Box Café in Chicago, Illinois. They have several displays that have to do with the show and the menu is made after several names of the show. Doctor Who is also popular in the merchandise company arena as there are a lot of items that can be bought having to do with Doctor Who. Anything from the dvds from a season to coloring book dedicated to the show. If someone wants a specific item there is probably a Doctor Who version of an item that the BBC has allowed to be created or fans have created for other fans to have. There is something for everyone to

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