Essay on Comparison Of Dorian Gray To Lord Henry And Sibyl Vane

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               The Comparison of Dorian Gray to                 Lord Henry and Sibyl Vane      Oscar Wilde’s 19th century The Picture of Dorian Gray portrays a young, naïve man, Dorian Gray, who begins to change because of Lord Henry Wotton’s negative influence on him; likewise, Dorian influences Sibyl Vane as a result of Henry’s influence on him. Because of Henry’s influence, Dorian’s attitude towards women and his respect for women change for the worse. Because of Dorian’s influence on Sibyl, she commits suicide.      Wilde first portrays…show more content…
               Dorian meets a young, naïve girl, Sibyl Vane, who is an actress in a small theatre. Dorian immediately falls in love with her. After a play one night, Dorian gets angry with Sibyl because she does not want to be an actress anymore. “There’s more to life than just one passion,” says Sibyl. Now that she has met Dorian, she says she will never be a good actress again. Dorian says, “You have killed my love,” and “You are shallow and stupid.” Dorian’s influence on Sibyl causes her to be shallow and vain like him. She wants to marry Dorian for his looks and money. Dorian wants to marry her for her beauty and acting. Both Dorian and Sibyl used each other to get what they want. Dorian’s words affect Sibyl so much that she commits suicide. Dorian is also affected by his words. When he goes home that night, he notices “a touch of cruelty in the mouth,” of his portrait. Dorian’s portrait has begun to reflect his soul.      Lord Henry changes Dorian with the beliefs that morals have no rightful place in life. We know that Lord Henry’s beliefs are unjust because Dorian’s picture is getting more gruesome, not more attractive. Dorian changes Sibyl by making her think that without him she is nothing. The influences on Dorian and from Dorian change him forever. These influences make him a cold-hearted, selfish man who would do anything for what he
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