Comparison Of Emily Dickinson And Edgar Allan Poe

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Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe were histories most proficient writers and their work speaks for itself. They were born in the same time frame and they knew a lot about each other’s work. Their life lessons are what contributed to their remarkable poetry writing and what made them who they are today. Poe and Dickinson do share similar topics in their poetry writing, some are also dissimilar in which all of them focuses a lot on pain, death, love and nature.
It is important to know a little background information about the two poets that describes how they have similar and dissimilar history. Both Poe and Dickinson were born in Massachusetts in the early 1800s. Edgar Allan Poe who was born in 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts but ended up leaving and moved to New England where he spent most of his life. Emily Dickinson was born years later in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts where she resided there most of her life. Both poets went to school to further their education. Poe attended the University of Virginia where he ended up gambling to pay off his debt for college. Poe was greatly poor that he burnt his furniture to keep warm during his first term in college. He ended up dropping out of college and returned to Richmond to find that his fiancée was engaged to another man. Around this time, he enlisted in the army after he published his first book when he was eighteen years old called Tamerlane. He was later thrown out of the military after only eight months of service.

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