Comparison Of First Love In Jane Austen's Persuasion

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It is universally acknowledged that the memories of a first love linger throughout a lifetime because they are so powerful and equally unforgettable. As a result of the experiences of a first love, breaking up can be one of the most devastating feelings in the world. In Jane Austen's last book titled Persuasion, Anne and Captain Wentworth enact a classic tale of first love. What is unique about Anne and Captain Wentworth is that they did not fall out of love initially or even 8 years later. After eight years of separation, suffering, and suppressed feelings, upon seeing each other again both Anne and Frederick display a series of behaviors that demonstrate their love isn’t just a case of the reminders of first love rather true love.…show more content…
Wentworth causing her “to seek comfort of cool air for her flushed cheeks” (46). This is significant because this is the first time in several years that a Wentworth last name has even been referenced. In response, Anne’s cheeks “flush” and she seeks “comfort” in the cold because Captain Wentworth makes her hot and uncomfortable. Although the person being referenced is not, in fact, Captain Wentworth but his brother, Anne, after all these years, is still affected by the mention of the Wentworth name. Like with any first lover, seeing them in public or hearing their name can cause an unexpected stir of emotion and intertwined memories. Because Anne never fell out of love with Captain Wentworth and her love for him was merely hidden away and never resolved, having him in her life again is extremely overwhelming for her. When Captain Wentworth finally arrives in Uppercross, Anne is overcome with love and actively tries to make sense of what has changed since she last saw him, often leading to confusion and contradiction. Anne and her family plan to visit Captain Wentworth, however, Anne stays behind to take care of a young injured relative. She thinks that “she knew herself to be of the first utility to the child; and what was it to her, if Frederick Wentworth were only half a mile distant, making himself agreeable to others!” (110). Instead of focusing her attention on the young boy she instead focuses on the proximity of
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