Comparison Of Frank Herbert 's ' Seed Stock ' And Andrew Niccol 's Gattaca

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The societies in both Frank Herbert’s “Seed Stock” and Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca are much different than society in the real world today. In “Seed Stock,” the sole purpose of the people that were sent to this alien planet was to survive and make the planet like Earth. In Gattaca, a person’s life revolves around their capabilities and potential due to genetics. In spite of this, survival is not the only thing that governs their life. Both Niccol and Herbert presented the idea that although survival and success are the main priorities, humans also seek to have their psychological and emotional needs met. Furthermore, the authors of both works make it clear that human emotion is just as crucial to survival and success as is physical fitness and…show more content…
Earlier in the story, Herbert makes it clear that Kroudar’s emotions allow him to place all his trust on Honida. When discussing the other women’s concerns about the health of Kroudar’s children, the speaker states that, “as long as Honida did not worry, Kroudar remained calm” (Herbert 4). Kroudar is able to blindly trust Honida because of the closeness between them.
The fact that Honida “had reached down into the Labor pool” and picked Kroudar went against not only what was considered evolutionary reasonable but also what was socially acceptable. The speaker makes this clear when he says, “[t]here’d been talk among the higher echelons of not allowing Honida to choose [Kroudar] as mate” (Herbert 3). Honida’s need for a companion was so strong that she was willing to violate social norms to be with Kroudar. Furthermore, this lack of companionship and camaraderie throughout the colony is one of the reasons why it is failing. The speaker describes how life on Mother Earth used to be, stating that “[e]ager hands helped with the work onshore, spreading the nets, carrying the catch” but “not here” (Herbert 7). The lack of help and support by others illustrates the coldness that permeates the colony and highlights one of the many qualities that it needs to prevail.
The importance of human emotion portrayed in “Seed Stock” is presented very similarly in the film Gattaca. Vincent and Irene’s

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