Comparison Of Fred And Brandon

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Fred and Brandon are both extremely different in their character, Fred a clean-living individual and he is very good at his studies while Brandon is very irresponsible and very poor at his studies. Finally Fred got graduated and he was the first place in their collage, but Brandon is always with Fred, so he did care about his future because they are conjoined. Jesse Miller, a beautiful young girl, she joins their dad’s business as an accountant. Fred falls for Jesse and Brandon notices Fred’s love and he helps Fred to get Jesse. Jesse and her Russian friend Volga dedicates their time with the twin brothers. Meanwhile, Fred expresses his love to Jesse, and she falls for Fred and Brandon is very happy for their relationship. Then, the Russian friend of Jesse, Volga revealed to be a secret agent who strains to steal the trade secrets of their dad’s top-selling product ‘Energies’.…show more content…
Volga explains the terrifying secrets of the product to the brothers and then she takes Fred and Brandon along with her friend to his father’s cattle farm under the pretext of an interview where she takes pictures and even collects a milk sample from their farm. When Fred questions Volga, she warns him that ‘Energies’ is an impure product and could lead a thousands of children to death. She also tells them that their father have killed the head of their R & D department and set the lab on fire to destroy all the evidence . Consequently, she is murdered, but, she swallows a pen-drive containing evidences of the foul-play before
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