Comparison Of Harrison Bergeron And Harrison Bergeron

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“Harrison Bergeron” and 2081: Variations of Different Caliber

Would you rebel for something you believe in, but everyone else does not? Would you die for the cause of something good and helpful to the world? This is exactly what Harrison did. In Chandler Tuttle’ 2081 and Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron,” Harrison's appearances, beliefs, the equipment used on him, and the responses he receives and produces are important aspects to both medias. Though, the short story and film both have its own unique features that help us connect to his personality. Harrison from “Harrison Bergeron” is a considerate, ignored hero, but also an outsider to the people for his beliefs; since he uses the threatening and self-centered words to express his bitterness and words, many feel he is egocentric, but he has only said this to get his word across, although, in 2081, Harrison is a wise, intellectual, mature, and a Christ-like figure, who appeals to our senses in a better way than Harrison from the short story does explaining why the current system is not effective.
Vonnegut's, short story, “Harrison Bergeron”, portrays Harrison as a considerate, ignored hero but also an outsider, standing up for the people’s and his rights. Vonnegut made it clear that Harrison’s appearance and beliefs are portrayed negatively to others, while the equipment used on him and others, but also the responses from him and to the handicap generals, ballerinas, and news reporters have made them get a wrong
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