Comparison Of Homer's Odyssey And Perseus

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The oracle at Delphi tells King Acrisius that his daughter’s future son will kill him He Imprisons his daughter but Zeus impregnates her. Danaë, the daughter, gives birth to Perseus. The King locks Danaë and Perseus in a chest and casts them out to sea. The two eventually wash up at the home of Dictys, a kind fisherman, whose brother Polydectes, is the cruel ruler of the surrounding area. Polydectes wants to get rid of Perseus and marry Danaë, and asks Perseus to go kill Medusa, a horrible Gorgon (a supposed impossible task) The Gods favor Perseus and give him a mirrored shield, a sword. The Graiae (three gray supernatural sisters) know information about the location of the nymphs of the North (the only people who know how to kill a Gorgon) and Perseus steals the eye they share among each other and uses it to bargain for the information.…show more content…
With all his gear he can look at the Gorgons through his shield to avoid turning to stone and chop off Medusa’s head. He puts her head in the wallet and returns home. On the way he meets Andromeda, a pretty princess who has been chained to a rock He frees her and takes her as his wife. The two return home and Perseus finds out that Polydectes has chased Dictys and Danaë into hiding. He uses the head to turn Polydectes and his cabinet into stone. He lives happily ever after One day, in a discus contest, he throws the discus and kills a spectator, who is his, unknowingly to him, his grandfather
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