Comparison Of Jack Potter And Scratchy Potter

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How can two individuals differ from each other coming from the same town? In the story, “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky,” Stephan Cranes does a great job at comparing the two main characters. Jack Potter and Scratchy Wilson have a few things in common and some differences. Stephan Crane does a remarkably good job at showing the personalities of the two main characters in the story via actions and dialogue. This essay will focus on the contrast of the troublemaker, Scratchy Wilson and the Authority figure, Jack Potter. Although Scratchy and Potter are both from the same town and use guns differently, both have different personalities, and their roles in the eyes of the people in the town differ as well. Coming from Yellow Sky both Jack…show more content…
To being the authority figure in the town of Yellow Sky Jack Potter is committed to his job and does his best to protect the people that reside in the town Yellow Sky. In the story after realizing that Scratchy is drunk again and that his hands are loose, one of the six men that was in the saloon said, “I wish Jack Potter was back from San Anton’.” This quote from the story shows that the men and women of the town felt safe when Jack Potter was around to keep the streets safe. As a married man, Jack Potter struggles with the conflict of his emotions as he is on the train and on his way to Yellow Sky because after getting married without announcing it to his town he thinks the people will be disappointed. Potter cares and respects the people in the town. In the short story the quote, “Once within that safe citadel he could issue some sort of a vocal bulletin, and then not go among the citizens until they had time to wear off a little of their enthusiasm” (Crane) depicts what Potter was thinking while on the way to Yellow Sky. According to Stephen Crane, Jack Potter knew full well that his marriage was an important thing in his town. This statement shows how vulnerable Potter is and how he respects his town’s opinions too. Stephen Crane describes Jack Potter’s skin and gives the reader the hint that Jack Potter is a committed person and worked hard all the time based on the change of the color of his skin and the reddening of his skin

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