Comparison Of John Harrington And Thomas Crapper

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What if the toilet was never invented? Life without the toilet and other plumbing applications would be difficult, dirty and nasty. Thankfully John Harrington and Thomas Crapper were born and live during the time were many inventions were being made.

John Harrington and Thomas Crapper were born in different time periods and different regions of Europe. Harrington was born at Kelston on August 4, 1560. Thomas Crapper on the other hand was born much later than Harrington, Crapper was born in Yorkshire in 1836 the day and month is unknown. Harrington’s family was close to the royal families of Europe, so close that his god mother was Queen Elizabeth. Thomas Crapper wasn’t connected or close to any royal families, his family was just an ordinary family his father was a steam boat captain and he was the only child from his parents.

Both of these inventors graduated from school although Harrington graduated from a much wealthier school than Crapper did. Harrington graduated from King’s College and then started at Eton and then studied law at Lincolns Inn. It is unclear what school Crapper graduated from but all the training we know about Thomas is that he was an apprentice to a Master Plumber then became a Sanitary Engineer after he was an apprentice. There is no
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Harrington invented the first flushable toilet. He only installed the toilets in royal families and popular people. Crapper made improvements to the toilet and also massed produced it. He made the toilet known to everyone and also available to everyone. Researching these two people was kind of fun and interesting because we are learning different things in shop about plumbing. I also enjoyed it because in the future I want to own my own plumbing business. If you want to learn more about toilet or other major plumbing appliances you can go and search them up on the computer and other
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