Comparison Of Love Poetry: Essay

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Comparison Of Love Poetry:

Rememberby Christina Rossetti, How Do I Love Thee? by Elizabeth
Barrett Browning and When We Two Parted by Lord Byron

The three poems, Remember by Christina Rossetti; How Do I love Thee? by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and When We Two Parted by Lord Byron, each explore love and loss in their own unique ways. Remember is, as expected from the title, a solemn lament which is a farewell sonnet to her treasured one. How Do I Love Thee? is again a sonnet of love but is of a love that is present and hopefully will remain forever. The third poem that will be examined is When We Two Parted which tells of a lost secret love that has left a scar on Lord Byron's life.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning's impressive
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This also happens in
First Love by John Clare where this rhyming structure stresses the fact that they were not as one rather just the one. When We Two Parted is particularly interesting as Lord Byron is frequently described as a womaniser yet he seems to express regret at the incident as, for once, it appears to have harmed him more than the other involved.

The last poem to be studied in detail is Remember by Christina
Rossetti. This is a patriarchal sonnet like How Do I Love Thee? but tells a different story. Remember is a sombre dirge acting as a departing message for Christina Rossetti's loved one. Also the separation between the octet and the sestet is much more evident in this, the first segment of eight lines is a reminder of the good times and how much she will be missed. But the second section of six lines acts as a messenger to tell that the time has come to move on. To live their life without the one soon deceased. We also know that this poem is genuinely heartfelt as
Christina Rossetti had a recurring illness which was diagnosed sometimes as angina and sometimes as tuberculosis before finally dying of cancer on December 29th 1894.

How Do I Love Thee? is thought by many to be the epitome of the love poem and I don't think anyone can disagree when reading the descriptions of faultless love. 'I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach'. This is, perhaps, the best description of true love, showing Elizabeth

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