Comparison Of Nalo Hopkinson And Sister Mine

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The novel Sister Mine by Nalo Hopkinson and the Disney film Frozen are both stories about sisters and their journeys where they learn to accept their differences. They share many similarities, with one sister who has powers, and another who does not, and their stories are about conflicts involving their powers; however, there are differences. In Sister Mine, the sister without powers, Makeda, is the odd one out, while in Frozen, the sister with powers, Elsa, is the outsider. The journey of self-discovery, where both of these sisters find their place in the world, is an over-arching theme contained in both stories. The first step in the sisters’ journey of self-discovery begins with the realization that they are different. In Sister Mine, Makeda first realizes that she is different from the rest of her family when her cousin Flash and her sister Abby call her a donkey because she does not have powers. Makeda is truly offended by this nickname, but Abby downplays the situation by saying “ me calling you ‘donkey’ was just a stupid kid thing” (Hopkinson 7). This nickname not only informs her that she is different, but also tells her that her differences are viewed as an undesirable trait. It also gives insight to what the rest of Makeda’s family thinks about her. They view her as a disgrace, a mortal who does not even have powers. Makeda is fundamentally different from the rest of her family, and that is why her journey of self-discovery takes place. In Frozen, Elsa realizes

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