Comparison Of Natural Vs. Anthropogenic Climate Change

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This paper with speak about global warming and the changes that will affect the earth and the people in it. It will also mention mitigation and strategies that are for global warming. I believe that the Earth’s temperature is going rise for a long time to come, due to the chemical that we daily. If things are done to correct the way we use our daily chemicals like use more organically made household product, and recycle more we could slowly curve the global warming issue.

Natural v. Anthropogenic Climate Changes

For years, global warming has been occurring but, with the help of humans it is increasing. There are two types of climate change that is credit to global warming. They are Anthropogenic and Natural climate change. Anthropogenic
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These types of pollutions are oil/fuel spills, emissions from industries and manufactures, burning fossil fuels, and using household and farming chemicals. Examples of the farming chemicals would be crop dusting chemicals and pesticides that are put in the dirt of vegetables.

Is Global Warming Taking Place Now?

Global warming is taking place now, with temperatures rising it is affecting places that the ice is stable. With the ice becoming thinner this can affect the way the animals hunt and survive for example the polar bear. Per Kevin McGwin of the Artic Journal, in Greenland dog-sledging is severely impacted because of the reduction in the number of days that coastal water is frozen. (McGwinn, K. (2014). Global Warming. Artic Journal. Retrieved March 5, 2017).
The use of fossil fuels and coal is keeping our air polluted. Finding better ways of using energy will help us to improve our climate. I have noticed that that last three winter month were warmer than they would normally be. I live in Richmond VA, and the past couple of day were in the late seventies feeling like summer already. It has me wondering since winter moved out so fast if this coming summer going to be hotter.
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There are examples of mitigation strategies are clean coal technology and carbon sequestration. Clean coal technology is when special pollution control equipment is connected for a coal plan which grabs all the carbon dioxide released by power making. The benefits of clean coal technology are clean combustion, the reduction carbon particle emissions and the reduction of net of CO2 emissions. Carbon taxing is a tax put in place on carbon content of fuels. This would be good for the trade side of the fuels business. Taxing on fuels depending in the carbon content, making money on the carbon contents of
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