Comparison Of Ophelia And Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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AUTHOR’S NOTE I went a little over when I was writing this analysis but I wanted to pack in as much information as I could. I took what I felt were the three major points of this play with women in it. I analyzed how Shakespeare portrayed and meant the two major female characters to be (Ophilia and Gertrude), and an example of the interactions between Ophelia and Hamlet, as they were very consistent throughout the story, and are an interesting but very easy display of societal norms at that time. After the fallout of my previous essay I tried to stay as far away from using resources to avoid anything else from happening. So almost all the ideas in this essay are mine. Articles I ended up using were from spark notes, shmoop, and the open media commons. I think I did a great job of spreading out major points in the play, and feel like this essay deserves an A, but at the same time I still think I need to work on filling in my holes better with quotes, while maintaining the crucial flow. When you grade my essay I’d like you to point out to me the holes in my essay, which I can transition with better. It was really difficult for me to do with that 3-page limit. Which leads me into my next statement. I apologize for going slightly over that 3-page mark, but I cut as much as I could. This essay was a lot of fun and it was interesting how I sort of extended towards only one major point of my last essay. I hope you have fun reading this, and this time I promise you’ll get the
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