Comparison Of Sanity In Hamlet

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Beginning from the creation of Hamlet there has been debates between what exactly fiction is and what is non-fiction. The line between the two can so easily be blurred that is sometimes hard to decipher which side of the line the character or individual may stand on. Throughout the play Hamlet many question whether or not Hamlet is indeed sane or insane. Sanity plays a significant role throughout the entire piece, demonstrated through the snappy retorts that characters make-especially Hamlet- and the development of the piece overall. Nearly every character in the tragedy can be seen as insane but yet sane because majority of the time the reader can decipher a logical reason for the statements being made. This idea causes individuals to believe that there might be a method to the madness portrayed by individuals. Which leads us to question, if the statements made by the individual are logical and obtain reasoning are they truly insane? Hamlets response to Polonius “For in the sun breed maggots in a dead dog, being a good kissing carrion-Have you a daughter” (II, ii, 153). Polonius automatically assumes that Hamlet is crazy, the first reason being that he doesn’t comprehend Hamlets statement and two being that hamlet asks if he has a daughter of whom Hamlet already knows. It can be seen through investigation that Hamlets comment in fact does hold truth. The sun will bread maggots in anything that is touches plays on the idea that a man will have his way with any women that
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