Comparison Of Shirley Hutchinson And The Lottery

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Compare and Contrast Essay

To start, the theme I chose for these two articles that we will be comparing and contrasting is standing up for what is right may not be the easiest path. This means that when you are thinking about standing up for someone and no one else starts to, it may be hard for you to start standing up for someone. In “The Lottery” Tessie Hutchinson and her family live in a town that do this thing called the lottery, but you don’t win any money during this “lottery”, you get the prize of death. In “First They Came…” Martin Niemoller expresses his point of view on how he did not speak out for people in danger, when he should have. I chose this theme, because in both “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “First They Came…” by Martin Niemoller there are some people that could have stood up for each other but no one around them did so they didn’t want to. These two articles are alike, because people die in both of these “events”. This shows that in “First They Came” and “The Lottery” that people in the village or different groups of people were too afraid of standing up for Tessie, or the Socialists, Trade Unionists, or the Jews. On one hand, “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a fictional short story about well the lottery, but it is not the lottery that you think of when you hear that word. The Claim of this essay is standing up for what is right may not be the easiest path. Evidence that supports this claim is “Suddenly, Tessie Hutchinson shouted to Mr. Summers, “You didn’t give him enough time to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn’t fair!”” This quote means that Tessie Hutchinson was trying to stand up for her husband Bill Hutchinson. However, after she does this the crowd goes after her telling her “Be a good sport, Tessie” Mrs. Delacroix called, and Mrs. Graves said “All of us took the same chance” “shut up, Tessie” Bill Hutchinson said”. This means Tessie tried to stand up for her husband and it clearly was not easy. “”I think we ought to start over,” Mrs. Hutchinson said, as quietly as she could “I tell you it wasn’t fair. You didn’t give him enough time to choose. Everybody saw that”” This quote means that Tessie was still trying to stand up for her family and no one listened
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