Comparison Of Solar Declares And The Solar Cycle

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A problem that may affect you in the future are solar flares and the solar cycle. Solar flares and sunspots can interrupt radio frequencies, transmissions, and everything electronic. This could cause prodigious problems and send the world into anarchy. Solar flares are high energy explosions that radiate through space. They are sometimes called CME’s, which stands for coronal mass ejection. Solar flares are measured by the maximum flux of their X-rays. The scale consists of grade A, B, C, M, X flares. A is the weakest level and X is the strongest. This scale is similar to the Richter scale for measuring earthquakes. The most recent solar flare that was considered X-rated occurred in 2011, according to (Science Daily.)
A sunspot is a result of a solar flare. Sunspots occur when there is a magnetic disturbance on the surface of the sun, which causes a cooler temperature of the gases then the ones around it. A solar flare is an explosion of plasma on the surface of the sun. Both sunspots and solar flares cause electrical surges
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Since solar flares interrupt electrical lines and towers, you can buy an off-the-grid generator to supply your building with power. Investing in surge protectors can help protect your appliances’ power boards from being fried. Another way to protect major electricity and communication lines is to make them more material-based and not as vulnerable. NASA has built a large solar shield to protect their power grids from solar activity. These function as mirrors and are repositioned as the CME travels towards Earth.
To conclude, solar flares are a threat to the existence of technology on earth. They could cause vast problems on Earth, however there are things we can do to protect and prevent against these solar flares. Solar flares are no need to worry too much about, as the odds of them hitting Earth are very
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